Alabama E3

E3: Economy, Energy, and Environment

The mission of the Alabama E3 initiative is to reduce wastes, lower costs, and increase profitability for Alabama’s manufacturers.  Reducing costs for Alabama manufacturers will result in increased competitiveness for the companies relative to their peers and a thriving manufacturing economy in Alabama.

What is Alabama E3?

E3 is a coordinated technical assistance initiative that assists manufacturers to increase profits and strengthen their future by implementing efficient production processes, reducing all wastes, lowering costs, growing jobs and driving innovation?


E3 improves manufacturers’ profitability and sustainability by reducing operating costs, enhancing innovation, and creating and retaining jobs.


E3 reduces energy intensity and energy costs by combining assessments and training with implementation.


E3 enhances profits and improves health, safety and the environment by providing opportunities to eliminate environmental WASTES (Water, Air, Solids, Toxics, Energy, Safety).




E3 Mission and Goals

  • Make manufacturing plants more profitable and productive by reducing wastes and costs
  • Reduce environmental impact of manufacturing plants
  • Improve regional economies by adding and retaining jobs
  • Enhance communities by attracting new manufacturing business
  • Reduce overall carbon footprint emissions by decreasing energy consumption

E3 Fast Facts

Since it began, the Alabama E3 Program has:

  • Assisted over 40 manufacturers
  • Identified over $3 million in energy savings opportunities
  • Resulted in $1 million in actual savings impacts

Alabama E3 Components:

  • Lean, Energy and Environmental Assessment
  • Lean, Energy, and Environmental Implementation
  • “Green” Workforce Training/Education
  • Fiscal Assessment, Counseling, and Funding Assistance Information
  • Entrepreneurial Growth Services and Innovations Engineering

E3 Partners and Supporters


For more information about the Alabama E3, visit or contact Dana Stone by email or calling 205.943.4806.